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Fernando Guadalupe is a Multi-Subject Matter Expert with Decades of Service to His Name

Fernando Guadalupe | Multi-Subject Matter Expert with Decades of Service to His Name   During his service in the Army, Fernando Guadalupe earned many field distinctions that led to renowned leadership positions. He’s a highly-decorated officer and subject matter expert on a range of Army topics, publishing insightful articles in military technical journals and giving […]

Fernando Guadalupe

Fernando Guadalupe Empowers Communities as a Longtime Member and Sponsor of World Vision Charity

Fernando Guadalupe has served his country for years in the U.S. Army, but he finds time to give back to his community through various outreach programs and organizations. Through World Vision Charity, he tackles the causes of poverty and injustice to help communities reach their full potential. US Army Officer and Colonel Fernando Guadalupe protects his […]

Fernando Guadalupe

Fernando Guadalupe Exemplifies American Heroism in Service and in Civilian Life

Distinguished Colonel Fernando Guadalupe serves in the U.S. Army and in his neighborhood, where he’s a contributing member to nonprofit organizations and outreach programs. His community efforts and his service demonstrate American heroism at its finest. Fernando Guadalupe has served as an Army Chief, a Battalion Commander, and a Colonel, demonstrating patriotism and heroism in over 20 years […]