Fernando Guadalupe

Army Officer Fernando Guadalupe Shares Decades of Insight Through Teachings and Published Works

Fernando Guadalupe has spent over two decades serving in the Army in many key positions, from Commander and Operations Officer to Adjunct Instructor and Colonel. In this time, he’s become a subject matter expert and a chronicler of Army intelligence who helps today’s officers grow into tomorrow’s leaders. In his local community, however, Fernando Guadalupe is known for his volunteercontributions and his support of various charities and missions.

“Local community members especially look up to veterans for the good work they’ve done protecting our country,” says Fernando Guadalupe. “When they get to talk with veterans and see them giving back, it has the power to start a really positive chain reaction in the community.”

Apart from contributing regularly to Meals on Wheels, Fernando Guadalupe is a longtime sponsor of World Vision Charity, a Christian-based humanitarian organization that helps impoverished people overcome challenges in their local communities. He also works frequently with the Knights of Columbus by helping them spread their mission of charity, unity, and fraternity in communities across the country.

While he’s respected by his community for his contributions to society, Fernando Guadalupe has earned many distinctions for his specialized knowledge of wartime topics. He studied emerging channels and tech advancements during his service and became an expert on major topics like helicopter systems. While serving, he earned the title of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operations Subject Matter Expert and was part of the Army’s first UAS training unit.

Decorated Officer Fernando Guadalupe has built up a wealth of knowledge in the Army and in his community, earning distinctions for his service and post-service contributions.

He shares details and findings from his ongoing legacy through presentations, speeches, and published works that help shape future leaders.

He contributed to the expanding understanding of UAS in wartime through years of research and active work. Today, Mr. Guadalupe is one of only a handful of commanding officers who have an explicit understanding of tactical unmanned aircraft systems.

Fernando Guadalupe has also earned the distinction of Central and South America Geopolitical Subject Matter Expert after spending years observing and studying the culture and customs of the area. His research helps prepare intelligence officers, field soldiers, and other army personnel to understand and successfully navigate hundreds of regions.

He’s shared his Army knowledge with the world through social science periodicals and military-technical journals, passing on his expertise to today’s leaders as well as tomorrow’s. In addition, Fernando Guadalupe published research findings from a study on sleep deprivation in wartime, helping his comrades and future Army officers improve both their mental and physical health.

Fernando Guadalupe also acted as Adjunct Professor for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for Undergraduate Studies, lecturing on essential warfare tactics and publishing his research to help educate students.

He’s a decorated and proven leader with command over some of the most specialized wartime topics today, and his research and published findings go on to improve the Army, his country, and the world.

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