Fernando Guadalupe

U.S. Army Colonel Fernando Guadalupe Regularly Gives Back to Society Through Volunteering

Colonel Fernando Guadalupe emphasizes the positive impact volunteering with local organizations has on communities. Apart from his regular Army service, he volunteers with groups like the Order of St. Michael and the Knights of Columbus to empower his local community and beyond.

Fernando Guadalupe sets an example to other community volunteers, serving his country as Army Colonel as well as volunteering regularly through outreach programs. With decades of Army service to his name, he’s no novice to protecting his country and spreading positive values in society. However, involvement in charitable organizations allows him to uplift the individual areas of society that may be suffering from threats present in our own country.

There are countless ways to give back today, with hundreds of programs and various missions that seek to improve their community. Fernando Guadalupe hopes that his own involvement will help inspires others to give back, no matter how great or small their efforts.

“Local municipal representatives and online forums can point people to volunteer opportunities in their community,” says Fernando Guadalupe. “There are opportunities in almost every neighborhood; you just have to do the research to find where you can help.”

Fernando Guadalupe has supported groups in his community for years, contributing to the Order of St. Michael and the Knights of Columbus, among others.

With the Order of St. Michael, he lends a helping hand to those struggling in society, in finances or health, and in faith. The order provides a community for people who are looking to enrich their traditional faith experiences and who may need guidance through difficult times. Volunteers like Fernando Guadalupe act as mentors and friends, uplifting members in their society who may not get the attention otherwise.

Fernando has been an active member in the Knights of Columbus for years, helping spread their founding principles of charity, unity, and fraternity in local communities. The Knights were formed over a hundred years ago to render financial aid to community members and their families. They provided assistance to the sick and disabled, gave support to the needy, and shared intellectual fellowship. Today, they carry on these efforts and provide public relief work, education, and social welfare through charity and volunteering.

“Not all organizations are Christian-based, but they all help in their own ways to support growth in our communities,” says Fernando Guadalupe. “You can certainly find outreach programs in your churches, but you can also ask around at schools and municipal groups.”

Apart from regular involvement in these two organizations, Fernando Guadalupe contributes to World Vision Charity and the Missionaries of Charity. He’s a highly-decorated Army officer who’s served multiple tours to Iraq and Afghanistan and shares his insights through education and leadership. You’d be hard pressed to find a more dedicated citizen and countryman.


Fernando Guadalupe is a Multi-Subject Matter Expert with Decades of Service to His Name

Fernando Guadalupe | Multi-Subject Matter Expert with Decades of Service to His Name


Fernando Guadalupe Jr.
Fernando Guadalupe Jr.

During his service in the Army, Fernando Guadalupe earned many field distinctions that led to renowned leadership positions. He’s a highly-decorated officer and subject matter expert on a range of Army topics, publishing insightful articles in military technical journals and giving lectures on emerging channels.


Fernando Guadalupe is a seasoned leader with over two decades of service to his name. He served in the Army as Commander, Operations Officer, Adjunct Instructor, and Colonel. He’s conducted numerous combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan and formed an expertise in key areas from his experiences.


Throughout his career, Fernando Guadalupe specialized in emerging channels and earned expertise in major developing topics in addition to veteran skill sets such as Helicopter systems. He’s earned the title of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operations Subject Matter Expert and fielded the first training UAS unit in the US Army.


He became familiar with the emerging, complex field of unmanned aircraft and eventually shed light on current and future policies. He proved a comprehensive understanding of diverse aircraft tactics, studying tactical warfare as well as FAA regulations and procedures, among others. Today, Mr. Guadalupe is one of only a few commanding officers with an explicit understanding of tactical unmanned aircraft systems.


Decorated Army Officer Fernando Guadalupe

In addition to his UAS expertise, he’s earned the title of Central and South America Geopolitical Subject Matter Expert, conducting years of studious observance of customs and culture. In this way, he prepared intelligence officers, field soldiers, and other army personnel for environments and potential threats in over a dozen countries and hundreds of regions.


He’s published his findings in social science periodicals and military-technical journals, passing on his expertise to future army leaders. Fernando Guadalupe’s experience in research and development extend beyond his Central and South American expertise, having conducted first-of-its-kind research on sleep deprivation and the effects it has in a combat environment years before. His reports will go on to improve the mental and physical health of soldiers during the most crucial and dangerous conditions, enhancing both the army’s capabilities and the individual wellness of soldiers.


Fernando Guadalupe also took on the role of Adjunct Professor for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for Undergraduate Studies, lecturing on essential warfare tactics in his spare time. Most recently, Mr. Guadalupe served as US Army Brigade Commander at the Fort Jackson Army Training Center. There, he oversaw many facets of junior and senior leadership training in addition to the physical fitness, resilience training, combat training development, and student management of over 5,300 students.


He’s had an impressive career with the US Army and has proven himself an integral leader and educator of esoteric subjects. In addition, Mr. Guadalupe is a regular sponsor and volunteer of programs like Meals on Wheels, World Vision Charity, and Knights of Columbus, demonstrating the best qualities of an Army leader.

Fernando Guadalupe

Fernando Guadalupe Empowers Communities as a Longtime Member and Sponsor of World Vision Charity

Fernando Guadalupe has served his country for years in the U.S. Army, but he finds time to give back to his community through various outreach programs and organizations. Through World Vision Charity, he tackles the causes of poverty and injustice to help communities reach their full potential.

US Army Officer and Colonel Fernando Guadalupe protects his country on multiple plains, helping secure safety from international threats in service and strengthening his community by giving back as a civilian at home.

“People don’t realize there are so many ways to protect their country which don’t require them to enlist or serve in war. Civilians right here in our communities need our help. Neighbors need our help. We can protect families and improve our society with just a little bit of our free time,” says Fernando Guadalupe.

Besides demonstrating heroism in over 20 years of service in the Army, Fernando is a regular sponsor of outreach programs and nonprofit organizations. He’s worked with Meals on Wheels to deliver food to civilians unable to prepare their own, and he’s volunteered with the Missionaries of Charity to assist the less fortunate in our neighborhoods with food, clothes, and company.

Fernando Guadalupe is also a longtime sponsor and member of World Vision Charity, a Christian humanitarian organization helping people around the world who suffer from oppression and poverty.

Fernando Guadalupe Spreads the World Vision Mission

“The World Vision Charity is one the most trustworthy and effective programs out there today, helping to lessen poverty and injustice in almost a hundred different countries,” says Guadalupe.

World Vision has been in operation for the past 65 years, using Christian models of philanthropy and love to empower those struggling in their communities. It was started by Bob Pierce in the 1950s with an initial vision to help one little girl overcome her circumstance. However, the organization grew quickly to adopt the needs of suffering individuals and their families around the world, assisting stranded Vietnamese refugees in the 70s, fighting Ethiopian famine in the 80s, and bringing the AIDS conversation to the Church in the 90s.

Today, the World Vision Charity is in full motion with thousands of participants internationally. Volunteers help with food shortages and in disaster relief situations, such as Asian tsunamis and American wildfires and hurricanes. They currently assist more than 4 million children in need around the world and are widely recognized for their transformational development and their leadership.

“It’s a program of people helping people, but with a Godly attitude and bright intentions for the world,” says Fernando Guadalupe.

He hopes that through his own efforts, as well as with the help of other community volunteers, he can help bring the charity’s vision for the world, of positive human transformation, to light.

Fernando Guadalupe

Fernando Guadalupe Exemplifies American Heroism in Service and in Civilian Life

Distinguished Colonel Fernando Guadalupe serves in the U.S. Army and in his neighborhood, where he’s a contributing member to nonprofit organizations and outreach programs. His community efforts and his service demonstrate American heroism at its finest.

Fernando Guadalupe has served as an Army Chief, a Battalion Commander, and a Colonel, demonstrating patriotism and heroism in over 20 years of work as an Army officer. He studied at the Eisenhower School, National Defense University where he proved his intelligence and capability to protect our country. He’s a decorated leader, but his passion for helping others echoes all the way through his everyday efforts at home.

“The Army lets me protect my country abroad, but it’s through community programs that I can make an impact right here in my neighborhood,” says Fernando Guadalupe. He’s a regular supporter of multiple outreach programs as well as a frequent volunteer in non-profit activities in his area.

He’s served as the Directorate of Training and Doctrine (Doctrine and Tactics Chief) at the United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence as well as served with the 25th Infantry Division. He became an expert on infantry and aviation between his time in the 1st Infantry Division, V Corps, 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, and at the National Training Center (NTC) at Fort Irwin, CA.

Fernando Guadalupe enlisted in three deployments to Iraq where he served as a commander, operations officer, division planner, and deputy commanding officer. He’s published biographical works on Army generals and essays on strategic leadership, demonstrating his own leadership in the field and back at home in his community.

After returning home from war, many soldiers and officers have difficulties adjusting to regular civilian life again. Already respected, the brave men and women who come back from service and still find it in them to give back to their communities shine as model inspirations. Fernando Guadalupe demonstrates his heroism back at home as much as he does in wartime, supporting groups such as Meals on Wheels and The Missionaries of Charity.

“There’s more than one way to serve your country. People need protection against foreign enemies, but they also need solidarity and compassion in their communities,” says Fernando Guadalupe.

Meals on Wheels helps deliver prepared meals to citizens who are restricted to their homes or may not be able to cook for themselves, and The Missionaries of Charity is a community outreach program began by Mother Teresa to assist the less fortunate in our neighborhoods.

As a regular volunteer to both, as well as a contributing member to Knights of Columbus and World Vision Charity, Fernando Guadalupe exemplifies heroism in his community. And as a decorated officer, he’s proven his determination to keep our country safe.